About the Library

About the Library

The Silviculture Library was created in 2015 by the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Forest Resources Partnership. The 2014-2015 project was led by Eli Sagor, UMN Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative; Linda Nagel, Department of Forest and Rangeland Stewardship, Colorado State University (Linda.Nagel@colostate.edu); and Tony D’Amato, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, University of Vermont (in partnership with the Northeast Climate Science Center). The site is maintained by the UMN Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative.

The library was conceived with the idea that every silviculture treatment is an experiment, every forest manager both a teacher and a learner. But too often we fail to share the experience that we gain from our day-to-day work, limiting the value of what we have learned. The library is designed to serve as one piece of the institutional memory of the Great Lakes forestry community. We welcome case study submissions from anybody with direct experience managing forest land in the Great Lakes region, and we hope that you will review the cases already published, reach out to their authors, and add to the small but growing body of forestry knowledge contained so far. 

The silviculture library is maintained by staff of the University of Minnesota's Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative, based at the Cloquet Forestry Center. For more information, contact us at sfec@umn.edu or 218-726-6403.

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