Cases: Ash

47.379596, -94.61931
Increase resilience of black ash stands threatened by emerald ash borer (EAB) through regeneration harvests aimed at increasing representation of non-ash species.
46.121399, -94.011644
Regenerate a mature ash stand to a more diverse young stand in order to maintain a forested condition, considering imminent invasion by emerald ash borer (EAB) and anticipated climate change impacts on a very wet site.
44.212176, -91.921667
Keep the site forested and increase resilience by improving diversity and removing invasive species.
46.6692, -92.78535
Harvest ash and plant with non-ash species to diversify stand composition in preparation of imminent Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) infestation.
46.116551, -91.3568
To investigate relative performance of species with potential to replace black ash threatened by emerald ash borer.
45.477079, -90.675107
To regenerate black ash and promote non-ash species.

1925 Jack Pine Thinning Study and 2015 Replicates (UMN Cloquet Forestry Center)

Study of ecological and stand dynamics changes after a single thinning from below

Cover type: Pine

1979 Paper Birch Shelterwood (UMN Cloquet Forestry Center)

To regenerate paper birch

Cover type: Aspen-Birch

33 Years of Northern Hardwood Management (Ashland County)

Regenerate northern hardwoods species to maintain the northern hardwoods covertype.

Cover type: Northern hardwoods

5 Year Oak Wilt Containment Study (WI DNR)

Stop the below-ground spread of an active oak wilt pocket in order to maintain oaks into the future.

Cover type: Northern hardwoods

A Comparison of Establishment Methods for Northern Red Oak Regeneration in a Southern Dry-Mesic Oak Forest (MN DNR)

Regenerate a mature red oak stand to a young stand of similar composition.

Cover type: Central hardwoods

A Comparison of Oak Regeneration Methods in Mille Lacs Uplands Subsection (MN DNR)

Establish oak regeneration while comparing several different silvicultural strategies and techniques.

Cover type: Central hardwoods

A Single Tree Selection Prescription (State of WI)

Introduce more structure into the stand and convert it to an uneven-aged stand.

Cover type: Northern hardwoods

Abundant Red and White Oak Regeneration after Clearcut With Reserves on a Southern Dry-Mesic Oak Forest (MN DNR)

Regenerate a mature oak stand to a young stand of similar composition.

Cover type: Central hardwoods

Acorns and anchor chain to increase oak regeneration (MN DNR)

Bolster oak regeneration on a stand with poor natural regeneration and heavy competition, after first cut in two cut shelterwood harvest.

Cover type: Northern hardwoods

Adaptive Silviculture for Climate Change (Chippewa NF)

Test silvicultural systems that adapt red pine forests to anticipated changes in climate and disturbance regime.

Cover type: Pine