Cases: Peatlands

48.341648, -93.705259
This project's objective was to provide a readily accessible demonstration site to observe the operational challenges of managing dwarf mistletoe infested black spruce stands.
48.467429, -93.521118
Monitor the spread of dwarf mistletoe, Arceuthobium pusillum, within the stand
48.261111, -93.755583
Reforest a healthy black spruce even-aged stand that is 95% stocked at 1500 trees per acre after a clearcut.
48.260273, -94.134583
Reforest a black spruce lowland with a local seed source.
48.78608, -95.22047
Harvest and regenerate tamarack stands damaged by Eastern Larch Beetle (ELB).
46.7, -92.5
Remove the standing dead and Eastern Larch Beetle infested tamarack trees and to thin denser areas of living tamarack trees to make them more resilient to future attacks.

1925 Jack Pine Thinning Study and 2015 Replicates (UMN Cloquet Forestry Center)

Study of ecological and stand dynamics changes after a single thinning from below

Cover type: Pine

1979 Paper Birch Shelterwood (UMN Cloquet Forestry Center)

To regenerate paper birch

Cover type: Aspen-Birch

33 Years of Northern Hardwood Management (Ashland County)

Regenerate northern hardwoods species to maintain the northern hardwoods covertype.

Cover type: Northern hardwoods

5 Year Oak Wilt Containment Study (WI DNR)

Stop the below-ground spread of an active oak wilt pocket in order to maintain oaks into the future.

Cover type: Northern hardwoods

A Comparison of Establishment Methods for Northern Red Oak Regeneration in a Southern Dry-Mesic Oak Forest (MN DNR)

Regenerate a mature red oak stand to a young stand of similar composition.

Cover type: Central hardwoods

A Comparison of Oak Regeneration Methods in Mille Lacs Uplands Subsection (MN DNR)

Establish oak regeneration while comparing several different silvicultural strategies and techniques.

Cover type: Central hardwoods

A Single Tree Selection Prescription (State of WI)

Introduce more structure into the stand and convert it to an uneven-aged stand.

Cover type: Northern hardwoods

Abundant Red and White Oak Regeneration after Clearcut With Reserves on a Southern Dry-Mesic Oak Forest (MN DNR)

Regenerate a mature oak stand to a young stand of similar composition.

Cover type: Central hardwoods

Acorns and anchor chain to increase oak regeneration (MN DNR)

Bolster oak regeneration on a stand with poor natural regeneration and heavy competition, after first cut in two cut shelterwood harvest.

Cover type: Northern hardwoods

Adaptive Silviculture for Climate Change (Chippewa NF)

Test silvicultural systems that adapt red pine forests to anticipated changes in climate and disturbance regime.

Cover type: Pine